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Ritter Louie227
• 10/18/2018

Featured Article of October

Hi IEP Fanon users! I am Ritter Louie227.


Today we have to choose the Featured Article for the Month of October.

These elections from now on will be executed right here every month, the first 10 days of each month. (This same will apply to choose the Featured User of each month, only this month I arbitrarily dared to choose it myself,sorry,I promise not to do it again XD :V)

To vote, you must create a comment (hera down) with the formula:

Me, vote for "----" o My vote is for "----"

(Clarification: You can only vote once and for a single page)

You can vote for a previously postulated page or postulate your own page. To postulate a page, it must have a considerable length and some constant activity. Anyone can postulate a page.

Each user has the right to post only 1 article to avoid possible problems.

Articles that whose owners have "bought votes" by means of "supposed favors" or blackmail will be disqualified, and this will not be able to re-enter the voting.

Voting will be divided into 3 phases of 2 and 1 days each one, the First Phase (Of 4 days) begins on the day of the creation of the Post. Until the beginning of the Second Phase (of 3 days,also called Decisive Phase),will be available to elect the winner, with the last votes, and Phase 3 (also called Vote Count Phase) the Administrators (basically me: '/) we will count all the votes that you have to leave in the comment box.

The Poll will conclude 8 days after they started.

Now to Vote!

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Ritter Louie227
• 10/18/2018

My vote is for "Nath: An Adventurous Pegasus"

Long life to NAAP!

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