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נתנאל: פגסוס הרפתקני is the Hebrew dub of Nath: An Adventurous Pegasus. Has broadcasted on Disney Channel and Harutz HaYeladim, in Israel.

Broadcast info

Disney Channel Israel

The Dub was released on Disney Channel Israel on January 10, 2017.

During the New Episode broadcast, your schedule is usually 4:30 PM or 8:30 PM (Inside the Disney Channel Israel Prime Time)


Character Hebrew Name Flag of Israel Hebew Voice Flag of Israel
Nathaniel Rocket Dasher נתנאל "נייט" רוקט דאשר Daniel Magon
Bella Lynet בלה מארי לינט
/béla marí lainet/
Bar Saviv
White Iron "Darkat" וייט עירון חתול-כהה Gilan Shahaf
Nath: An Adventurous Pegasus
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