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Ank-Aventyr is the Ost dub of Ducktales (2017). Has dubbed on the Studio SDI Media in Oslo, Norway. This dub has premiered on ONL Kids in November 14 of 2017, later Disney XD Scandinavia the November 22 of 2017. Months later, on January 2 of 2019, Netflix put the first season of the Dubbing available to be seen in its Streaming.


Character Ost / Norwegian Voice Actor
Scrooge McDuck Harald Mæle
Dewey Duck Stinius Maurstad
Huey Duck Scott Maurstad
Louie Duck Aslak Maurstad


Sanna Bjerketvedt
Suportive Characters
Donald Duck Ståle Dammen Ek

Mads Jørgensen (Normal voice)

Bentina Beackley Unn Vibeke Hol
Della Duck Anne Ottersen
Secundary Characters
Storkules Magnus Nielsen
Gyro Gearloose Daniel Eimiel


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Ost Name Original Premiere Ostland Premiere
1 Woo-hoo! August 12 of 2017 November 14 of 2017
Donald Duck (Anderson Ank) reluctantly leaves his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie (Rip, Rap i Rup) with his estranged uncle Scrooge McDuck (Skrue Ank), while he goes to a job interview. After Scrooge locks the boys in a room for making fun of him, the triplets come across Webby Vanderquack (Abby Vanderquack) who befriends them and shows off a collection of relics and artifacts that Scrooge and Donald found during their previous adventures, only to accidentally release various ancient evils housed in them.

Elset translations


Main Characters

Scrooge McDuck - Skrue McAnK
Dewey Duck - Rip Ank

Huey Duck - Rap Ank

Louie Duck - Rup Ank
Webby Vanderquack - Abbygail "Abby" Vanderquack
Donald Duck - Anderson Ank

Suportive characters

Launchpad McQuack - Joe Flykonk McQuack

Della Duck - Della Ank
Gyro Gearloose - Vincent Ultenruv
Little Bulb - Lilte Fokus


Magica de Spell - Maggia od Hex

Beagle Boys - Beagles Fulser
Don Carnage - Don Skurk


Duckburg - Ank Byer (Duck City)


Theme Song

  • Normal version
    • Lyrics / Translations:
Ost lyrics English translations
  • Livet er som en Hurkaan
  • Her i Ank Byer!
  • Biler, laser, flyvmasjner...
  • Pä land og en Sky!
  • Hey!
  • Løs en mysterier, Eller omskriv histori!
  • Anker, Wu-uu!
  • Hvör dai legert en Növe...
  • Ank-Aventyr, Wu-uu!
  • Aventyr av Guder og derliger...
  • Hendelser, Wu-uu!
  • B-B-Beard dere, for Fiendernart!
  • Og der en nägen, en fut unn du!
  • Hve er det gjor? Du følgre bara...
  • Den Anker, Wu-uu!
  • De er ikk redte for noen...
  • Er Anker, Wu-uu!
  • Misterier og Storier
  • Anker! Wu-uu!
  • De er ikk ponyer eller bier... De
  • Er Anker! Woohoo!
  • Life is like an Hurricane
  • Here in Duck-city!
  • Cars, lasers, aeroplanes...
  • Here in Duck-city!
  • Hey!
  • Solve a Mystery, or Rewrite History!
  • Ducks, Wu-uu!
  • Every day they go from new!...
  • Duck-Tales! Wu-uu!
  • Adventures of Good and Bad...
  • Events, Wu-uu!
  • B-B-Beware with, your Enemies!
  • And there is someone, to one foot of you!
  • What is there to do?, You just follow...
  • The Ducks! Wu-uu!
  • They have no fear!
  • They are Ducks! Wu-uu!
  • Misteryes and Stories...
  • Ducks! Wu-uu!
  • They are not ponies or bees... They
  • Are Duck! Wu-uu!
  • Christmas version (The Last Christmas / Holiday Special version)
  • Lyrics / Translations:
Elset lyrics English translations
  • Liv er ikk som Karamelteng...
  • Her un Ank Byer!
  • Snoflaker i Släder...
  • Er en Ank-blur!
  • Can ett kampaner jingle!
  • Eller trap Julerman!
  • Anker, Woohoo!
  • Den Gudnitten er kommer to...
  • Ank- Byer, Woohoo!
  • Panettone i mer tengs un...
  • Aventyrer, Woohoo!
  • Life is like an Candy cane
  • Here in Duck-city!
  • Snowflakes and Santa´s sleigh...
  • Is a Duck-blur!
  • I can make bells jingle,
  • Or trap Santa Claus!
  • Ducks, Woohoo!
  • The good night is coming!...
  • To Duck-Brug! Woohoo!
  • Panettone and more things in...
  • Adventures, Woohoo!


  • Spell's Magic Name was shown as Maggi de Hex, Maggi is a contraction of the name Magguie and the word Magi (which in Elset means magical or magic) and his last name says "Magguie-ca of Spell" literally.