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Ank-Aventyr is the Elset fanmade dub of Ducktales 2017. This is a list of the episodes of Ducktales 2017 dubbed and broadcast in Elset, with their respective titles translated.

Episode List

Season 1 (2018 - 2019)

Episode Name Number Elset Name Name Translations Elset Premiere
Woo-hoo! 1/2 Woo-hoo!
Den Aventyr bedet!
The Adventure begins
September 20 of 2017
Daytrip of Doom 3 Dei-hika od Tuhed Day-walk of Doom
The Great Dime Chase 4 Den Coin jage mer Beden! The Coin Chase more Biggest September 27 of 2017
The Beagle Birthday Massacre! 5 Mam Beagle Føtselsdei deistell Mom Beagle Birthday Fight September 31 of 2017
Terror of the Terra-firmians! 6 Sub-terror od Terra-fermiet Sub-terror of Terra-fermianet November 14 of 2017
The House of the Lucky Gander! 7 Den onet Gøsde hus The Luckiest Gander´s house November 18 of 2017
The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks! 8 Den Infern-adent of Mark Biks Mark Bik´s "Infern-ship" November 24 of 2017
The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra! 9 Den levän mumiet od Tot-Reh! The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra! December 18 of 2017
The Impossible Summit of Mt. Neverrest! 10 Den Impossiblet stighot od den Moint Snøverest The Impossible rise of the Mount Snow-verest
From this point, begins a Hiatus of Emission due to the Christmas Holidays and the temporary stop of production of episodes
The Spear of Selene! 11 Selene Rakte Selene´s Spear May 29 of 2018
Beware the B.U.D.D.Y. System! 12 Veard da B.E.N.S.T.A.V Sistemet Beware of the F.R.I.E.N.D.L.Y System June 13 of 2018
The Missing Links of Moorshire! 13 Den putvø lenki of Murshire! The Murshire´s Missing Links June 17 of 2017
McMystery at McDuck McManor! 14 Mc-Mysteeri pä Mansenhus McAnk! Mc-Mistery on the Manor-house McDucK! June 20 of 2018
Jaw$! 15 Leat$ Jaws$ June 26 of 2018
From this point, begins a Hiatus of Emission due to the temporary stop of episodes dubbing to Elset.
The Golden Lagoon of White Agony Plains! 16 Den Gallder lagune av Wit planis The Golden Lagoon of White Plains! July 13 of 2018
Day of the Only Child! 17 En dei med en Rike i gale guddy! One day with and Rich and Crazy kid! July 19 of 2018
From the Confidential Casefiles of Agent 22! 18 Filer av den Konfidencialer foller ov Espion 22 Files of the Confidential Cases of the Spy 22 July 26 of 2018
Who is Gizmoduck?! 19 Hvar er du,Ank-aparatt? Gizmoduck, Where are you? August 3 of 2018
The Other Bin of Scrooge McDuck! 20 McAnk and dess outre valdter McDuck and its Other bins August 14 of 2018
Sky Pirates…in the Sky! 21 Pirater un Planer... Un den eim! Pirates in Planes ... in the Sky August 20 of 2018
The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck! 22 Hemglihk av McAnk slotted Secrets of McDuck Castle August 26 of 2018
The Last Crash of the Sunchaser! 23 Den lasdte flyg av den Sun-hantre The Last Flight of the Sun-chaser September 10 of 2018

Season 2 (2018 / 2019 - TBA)

Episode Name Number Elset Name Name Translations Elset Premiere
The Shadow War! 24 Slagedt om Skoggen The Battle of the Shadows October 23 of 2018
The Most Dangerous Game...Night! 25 Den farligster nitte...av Spilld! The Dangerous night ... of Games October 31 of 2018

Episode Tittle Cards


  • The Order of the Episodes changes in Elsetland
    • The episode "The Shadow War" was issued as the Initial Episode of Season 2, leaving "The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!" as Final of the First Season (In addition, it has in favor that "The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!" leaves a great suspense on what will happen in future episodes: Being perfect as End of Season)

Words Games

  • The Episode 6 of Ducktales, Terror of the Terra-firmians! was named in Elset as Sub-terror of Terra-Fermianet, this can be translated as Sub-terror of Terra-Fermians. The term Sub-terror is a contraction of the word Subtirrainen (In Elset:Subterrain)and the word Terror: Subtirrainen-Terror.
  • The Episode 14 of Ducktales,Jaw$! ,has named in Elset as Leat$, this can be translated literally,Jaw$. The term derives directly from the word Leats (In Elset:Jaws) with the Dollar Sign ($) supplanting the S: Leat-$.