Den Loud hus is a Ost dub of The Loud House. Has produced on Studio Lokalen stemmer, in Nordøstat, Ostland.

Broadcast Info

Nickelodeon Scandinavia

Den Loud hus it was premiered at Nickelodeon Scandinavia on August 30 of 2016, the same year in which said channel began to transmir in Elset for Elsetland (As a main audio track) and Norway (As a selectable audio track).

ONL Kids

Den Loud hust is broadcast in ONL Kids since the January 12 of 2017, being released after the projection of the movie Finding Nemo, in the channel.


Character Elset Name

Voice Actor

Lincoln Loud Lukas Loud Daniel Eimiel
Lori Loud Lena Olivers
Leni Loud
Luna Loud
Luna Loud
Lynn Loud Linda Loud
Luan Loud Lena Loud Chloe Roldstid
Lucy Loud
Lola Loud Lirie Loud
Lana Loud Lara Loud Madelief Høvnijd
Lily Loud Lulu Loud
Clyde Klaus Bruno Medelfijer
Bobby Daniel Eimiel


Names translations

Some names are Localized in the Dubbing. However, only the names are located, but not the Surnames and most of the characters have their original names.

  • Lincoln is called Lukas.
  • Lola is called Lirie.
  • Lana is called Lara.
  • Lily is called Lulu.
  • Luan is called Lena.
  • Lynn is called Linda.
  • Clyde is called Klaus.


  • "Dang it!"'s is regular translated to "Gnister!" (in English: Sparks!)