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Nath: Un pégase aventuroux is the French dub of the Animted Series,Nath: An Adventurous Pegasus.

Broadcast Info


Nath: Un pégase aventuroux it was premiered at TFOU on December 23, 2017. It is one of the preferred animated shows by viewers, competing directly with Miraculous Ladybug.

Disney XD

Nath: Un pégase aventuroux it is broadcast by Disney XD in France, Belgium and French Europe. It was released in August 2017. Its premiere was accompanied by a new episode of Ducktales.


Main Characters
Character French Voice
Nathaniel Rocket Dasher Arthur Dubois
Bella Lynet Alice Ley
Rosaella Dasher Prunelle Rullens
White Iron "Darchat" Emmanuel Garijo
Doctor Whooves Jean-Claude Donda
Secondary characters
Daniel LePrem "Lord Spacer" Olivier Cordina
Twilight Sparkle Claire Tefnin
Ryan Silverstorm Donald Reignoux
Sweetie Note Camille Donda
Apple Bloom Emilie Guillaume
Third characters
Christopher Lynet Olivier Cordina
Pinkie Pie Nathalie Hugo
Marie Camille Donda
Abraham "Abe" Kattsentvond Emmanuel Garijo


Characters translations

Main characters

  • Darkat (Hero identity of White Iron) - Darchat

Secundary characters

  • Daniel Firsterer - Daniel LePrim
  • Shady Daze - "Ombreux" Daze
  • Mary - Marie


  • Andrew "Tall Pegasus" - André "Le Pégase Hautre"

Ponyville School characters

  • Mr.Craig Flowers - Professeur Craig Fleurs
  • Mrs. Bitteradonis - Mademoiselle Ameradonis
  • Principal Hazelbrowne - Directeur Noisetmarrone
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