Ostlandic (or Ost) is a Fanmade Language created by Rittter Louie. The language is a combination of Norwegian with influences of another Scandinavian languages (Incluídes Finnish) and English.

Regions where it would be spoken

According to its nature, would be spoken in Norway and Finland (An a Fanmade Country,Ostland,the primary spoken country). Dubs to this language would also occur there.

Elset Words

Words and Therms

Word(s) Meaning Phonetics Explication
Hei Hello [j'ei] Loan from finnish and norwegian,Hei
Hvördien er du ir dai? How are you today? [jv'erdieen 'er du ir dai?] Phrase derived by Norwegian influences
Velkomen Welcome [v'ilkomen] Germanic influence
Tru? True? [d'ru] English influence
Nekmin Bye [n'etmen] Derived from the finnish,näkemiin
Ir dai Today ['en d'aj] Derived from norwegian,I dag
Tilbag back / backs [d'ilbegt] Derived from the finnish,tilbage
frem Ahead

Get ahead

[fr'em] Loan from norwegian,frem
fremtepein [fr'imdep'aine] Derived from the finnish,eteenpäin
eik no


[e'ik] Derived from the finnish,ei
Ventred Left [v'endred] Derived from the norwegian,Venstre

Numbers,dates and Weekdays

Weekdays,dates and Numbers
Word(s) Meaning Phonetics Explication
en one ['en] Derived from the basic germanic form for mean the number one.
tu two [d'u] Derived from the norwegian,to
tre three [tr'e] Derived from the basic germanic form for mean the number three
fir four [f'ir] Derived from the norwegian,fire
fend five [f'end] Non-Derivative Word
sei six [s'ee] Derived from the spanish,seis
sev seven [s'äv] Derived from the norwegian,sju
eit eight ['eit] Non-Derivative Word
ni nine [n'i] Derived from the norwegian,ni

Countries Name translation

In Elset, some country names derive directly from the original term.

Country Ost Translation Explication
Albania Albanie Literally,Albania.
Belgium Belgie Derived from the finnish,Belgia
Cyprus Cipros Derive directly from the Greek Κύπρος (Kípros);The greek name for Cyprus.
Turk Republic of Northen Cyprus Nortlerd Cupros
Nortlerd Cipros Turkiet Republik Literlally,Turkish Republic of Cyprus Northen
Iceland Isländet The word literally means "Island land".
Hungary Magyarländer Literally means,Hungarian land.

Derive directly from the Hungarian "Magyarország", which in Hungarian means Hungary.

India Written same in English and several other languages.
Romania Rumanien Literally,Romania.
Israel Written same in English and several other languages.
Turkey Turkiye Written already same in Turkish.

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